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I have had many encounters with friends, colleagues, and even the occasional family member who have given me a funny look when I have talked about my daughter needing a nap/ have an early bedtime. (**It is probably not anyone who visits this … Continue reading

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When I am sitting down to meal plan for the week, I often rummage through my pantry to see what I have.  For some reason I had an unopened box of Farfalle pasta.  I decided to look online in hopes … Continue reading

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So I am currently pregnant with my second child and my feet are getting more and more sore and tired each day.  The last time around I took the advice of a very good friend who was also pregnant and … Continue reading

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So while green beans are still plentiful at the super market, I wanted to use them as our “fry” substitute here at home.  What I like about green bean fries is that they crunch and have lots of flavor, but … Continue reading

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