While looking at my title, it looks weird. But it is the truth. Women are in a sisterhood all by themselves, but have you ever noticed how sometimes there are other women whom you have nothing in common with? I recently was with a group of women at a celebration and gravitated towards the ones who were moms.  Because even if you are totally different people, once you have those little ones at home, you have something in common. You share a bond.

mom comic strip 2It is like you walk through this doorway and your life is completely changed. People on the other side of the door just don’t get it. And of course, even when you aren’t with your little ones you spend all your time talking about them.  All kinds of discussions come up and it is usually stuff you are very interested in because it is stuff you have struggled with or have tried a bunch of different things. “What is your nap schedule like? How did you approach potty training? When did you wean? What activities/toys do you use to help keep them busy while you are getting dinner started?”  The possibilities are endless. (This happens with dad’s too! Not trying to exclude them!)cosmic-doorway

All the while those non-parents are discussing their weekends escapades, the times when they just picked up and went out of town, the different restaurants they have tried. Never knowing that our lives are totally different now. We may have been where they were at one point in life, but we have little ones who completely depend on us. Our priorities and responsibilities have shifted.

I am not trying to paint parenthood (especially motherhood), in a bleak light. I feel most like myself as a mom and having gotten to this part of my life.  I love kids and am so blessed to have some of my own. And I love having mom friends. For some reasons, once you become a mom, the friendships with other moms seem much more genuine.  Let’s face it, you don’t have time to waste and conversations are usually very meaningful.  There is a richness that comes with being a mom that only other moms can understand.

mom friends 2To you who aren’t moms (parents) yet, I am sure you will be there one day. You will walk through the doorway and finally understand that we aren’t crazy, we just love our kids and put them first. You can call us when your first little baby has a fever and you don’t know why. You can freak out about that little rash on junior’s face. We have been there, and we understand.  And when you do cross over, we will welcome you with open arms, because we are a sisterhood and we stick together. <3



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  1. Trisha says:

    This was a very insightful!! Thanks for sharing!

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