With winter coming, I am growing more and more anxious about being trapped indoors due to inclement weather.  Even though we haven’t had our real first snow here in the Midwest, the temperature is dropping rapidly and the wind chill is insane.  I look out the window and I think, “Oh, it looks pretty nice. The sun is shining.  Maybe we can go to the park or go for a walk.”  Then the second we get outside the wind blasts my face off and I can’t feel my fingers.  addtext_com_MTA1NzQ3ODA3Nzk

Okay. So maybe I am exaggerating a tad, but the point is, outdoors is not somewhere that we can stand to be right now! And I feel bad for my little one year old and the fact that she is being cooped up inside all day long.  So my goal has been to find some activities for us to do here at home.  If we can do at least one activity per day, I would feel like she is at least getting some good play time and I am doing my job as a mom.

I plan on posting these activities as I go.  There are a few I have tried so far, and they have gone fairly well.  My daughter is 17 months old, but these activities would work with kids from 1-4 I would think (maybe the older kids would get a kick out of them too!).  The best part about most of these activities (which I find on Pinterest), is that they are usually comprised of items from around your house.

Today I attempted the cardboard pom pom drop.  I have actually seen this suggested on many a mom blog and have been excited to try it.

What you need:

  • Big piece of cardboard
  • strong tape (I used packing tape)
  • paper towel or TP tubes (paper towel tubes work better because of the length, but if you don’t have them, several TP tubes would work)
  • pom poms
  • some type of bowl or tupperware (optional. This is for catching pom poms)

cb pom dropcb pom drop 21) I simply took a box and cut off one side with the top and bottom flaps still attached.  I then taped the flaps together to form a triangle, which actually makes the apparatus quite sturdy.


2) I taped two paper towel tubes directly to the box and trimmed the bottom one so there was a little bit of space between it and the floor.

3) Lastly, I cut a rectangle at the bottom of the cardboard so that I could fit a bowl at the bottom for catching the pom poms.

Let fun begin!

cb pom drop 5

cb pom drop 4

My daughter actually was very entertained with this and liked picking up the pom poms in the Tupperware and re-dropping them through the tube.  She played for at least 20 minutes, so this could also be a good independent activity for kids for times when you are trying to get dinner started, etc.

What activities do you do with your kids when you are stuck inside?

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