More and more I am seeing spaghetti squash used in many dishes.  It has a nice consistency and is a healthier replacement for pasta. For those who are living a gluten-free lifestyle or eating paleo, spaghetti squash is the way to go!  I decided to try some spaghetti squash in the traditional sense and make it with some meatballs. We loved it and have used it for many recipes since!

The spaghetti squash isn’t difficult to cook, but it is a bit time consuming. There are several ways to do this, but my favorite way is to poke holes everywhere with a fork and then set it directly on the top oven rack, bake it in the oven at 375 for about 40 minutes.  When you cut it in half afterwards, the squash is very tender and easy to remove.  You simply remove the seeds and pulp and scrap the “spaghetti” out with a fork.


The meatballs I make are very simple too.  I take about a lb of ground beef and simply add garlic salt, Italian seasoning, and bread crumbs (you can use a little gluten-free flour if you want it to be gluten-free). Normally I would add an egg as a binder to get everything to stick together, but my husband is not a fan, so instead I mix in a little plain greek yogurt or sour cream.  Then I broil them in the oven on a foil lined cookie sheet. It takes about 6 minutes for them to cook through.

Lastly, I heat up some pasta sauce and mix it in the spaghetti squash. The pasta sauce adds a savory element.  It really blends well with the spaghetti squash. Of course we add a little parmesan cheese on top.  I highly recommend spaghetti squash as an easy and healthy alternative to the standard spaghetti!

**Little friendlymom tip- If your kids just aren’t having it, make up a small batch of normal spaghetti for them and mix in a little spaghetti squash! That way they get to have their pasta with a little veggies mixed in. 😉


What dishes do you make with spaghetti squash?  Please share your recipes! I would love to try them out!





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